Crescent 9 High THC Seltzer

Enjoy a Potent THC Experience with Crescent 9 High-Potency Seltzer

We recently received feedback from a customer who found Remedy after searching for "THC infused drinks." They ended up purchasing our Crescent 9 High-Potency THC Seltzer specifically because of its potent 50mg THC dose per can.

What Makes Crescent 9 So Potent?

The reason the Crescent 9 seltzer packs such a powerful punch is that each 12oz can contains a total of 50mg Delta-9 THC. 

One of the best parts is that the effects kick in quickly - usually within just 15 minutes after drinking.

A Decadent Delta-9 Experience

Don't let the potency fool you, though. This seltzer is incredibly delicious with its sweet-tart strawberry lemonade flavor made from real fruit puree and juice. Combined with that high 50mg THC dose, it produces an intensely euphoric yet deeply relaxing experience.

For those new to cannabis beverages or with a lower THC tolerance, we recommend starting with just 1-2 ounces and waiting 15-30 minutes to assess the effects before drinking more. Experienced consumers may opt to enjoy a half can or full 50mg can.

Legal, Convenient THC Dosing

What makes Crescent 9 so unique is that it's made with federally legal, hemp-derived Delta-9 THC. This allows us to ship this high-potency beverage nationwide for adults to purchase.

It also provides a highly convenient format for precisely dosed THC. No cooking, measuring, or waiting hours for edibles to kick in. Just open and enjoy your desired liquid THC dosage.

Don't settle for weak, underwhelming cannabis drinks. Experience the premium effects of Crescent 9 for yourself!

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