The Top Five Wellness Offerings in Asheville

Guest blog courtesy of Sue Ann at Asheville Wellness Tours

At Asheville Wellness Tours, we seek to foster the development of intentional, daily
practices that focus on positive health and well being. For us, health is more than the
prevention of disease. How you can thrive and live your life more fully? We believe
everyone’s wellness journey should be individualized and specific to meet the
fluctuating demands of life. To help you navigate all of Asheville’s wellness offerings,
here are our Top 5 Asheville Wellness Experiences!

1. Downtown Asheville Wellness Walking Tour

Asheville Wellness Tour’s Downtown Walking Tour is a “behind the curtains” look
at Asheville’s wellness scene. The experience begins with an educational tea
tasting followed by a guided stroll through downtown, featuring Asheville’s
fascinating history. Our goal is to encourage participants to adopt wellness
practices that resonate with them and fit their lifestyle. The tour often includes a
yoga session, an essential oils presentation, and a honey tasting.


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2. Asheville Salt Cave

The Asheville Salt Cave has 20 tons of pink salt, to recreate the climate of a salt
mine. The air in the therapeutic salt cave is saturated with negative ions, and the
salt rock crystals release 84 trace elements and minerals which are essential to
homeostasis in our bodies. The Asheville Salt Cave leaves our bodies and
minds feeling renewed, and is a relaxing step on your wellness journey.

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3. Shoji Hot Tubs

Shoji Hot Tubs has hot Hydrotherapy and Soaking Tubs. These tubs are
extremely beneficial and promote relaxation, rejuvenation and rehabilitations.
Shoji’s Japanese inspired sanctuary is so luxurious, including elegant slate
showers, a meditation deck, luxurious spa products – including CBD salves,
tinctures, and more.

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4. Candlelight Sound Healing and Acupuncture

This magical sound healing journey by Krystal Kinnunen and Raphaela Fritz
combines acupuncture and massage in a group setting. The class includes with
deeply relaxing restorative posture with calming ear acupuncture points while
bathing in the healing sound vibrations of the gong, a heart chakra crystal singing
bowl, and chimes.


5. Dobra Tea House

An Authentic Tearoom serving over 100 varieties of fresh loose leaf tea and
delicious sweets. We love this spot because its is a supportive environment to
relax and enjoy settle into a cup of tea. In today’s busy world, we think it is
extremely important to slow down and take a moment to enjoy, and in Asheville, Dobra is the place to do it.

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We hope you enjoy Asheville and it’s wellness offerings as much as we do! Keep an eye on our events page to see more upcoming wellness events in Asheville.

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