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Glenn-Bridge CrossFit – “We Are Different”

Glenn-Bridge CrossFit – “We Are Different”

Glenn-Bridge had a grand opening party and explained why they’re different. Check them out at

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Physical Therapy and Private Parts: There’s PT for THAT??

Physical Therapy and Private Parts: There’s PT for THAT??

Guest article by Laura Kraich Scott PT, DPT

Physical therapists are the movement experts of the tapestry of healthcare professionals. While this is a no-brainer when it comes to returning to normal walking after your knee replacement surgery or resolving your plantar fasciitis, most people don’t think about seeing a physical therapist when they are suffering from a bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction. Do you know someone who has recently given birth, leaks urine when they sneeze, has recently gone through prostate cancer treatment, or can’t wear yoga pants or use tampons due to vaginal pain? Read on!

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How Strength Training Changed My Life

In my late teens and early twenties, running was my life. Over the span of 10 years I ran countless 5-ks, half marathons, and a few marathons. One summer I even got paid to run with other runners (talk about an once in a lifetime opportunity). I sacrificed Friday nights for early Saturday morning runs more times than I can count and spent many hours pounding the pavement with just my headphones and my thoughts. I only ever ran and as a result, I had a few injuries along the way (weak glutes and IT band syndrome).

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Weight Training: A Woman’s Secret to the Fountain of Youth

Guest Article by Megan Burrows 

Managing your health starts with you. A great way to start a weight training routine is to start with something small and manageable. Try these 5 simple steps to get started:

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How Alissa Found Her Body’s True Purpose And Fought Society’s Ridiculous Body Image Demands

How Alissa Found Her Body’s True Purpose And Fought Society’s Ridiculous Body Image Demands

In this guest article, Alissa Hanan shares a personal article about the body society told her to have, and the body she later found was more suited to her goals.

Alissa is a personal friend, coach and co-owner at SuMMit Crossfit. There, you’ll find her working with every type of athlete, whether a person new to a gym setting, competitive athletes and everyone in between. I always see her giving equal parts encouragement, progression tips, and silly jokes to all her athletes.

This is a great conversation starter for you to consider why you want the body you want. Is it because you want it, or because someone else is dictating how you should look.


Enter Alissa…

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