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Wound Care


Wound cleansers are a no-rinse liquid with a zinc-nutrient formulation that provides a moist, mildly acidic environment conducive to wound healing. They have a low toxicity potential, is pH balanced and fragrance free.


We carry a comprehensive line of wound care dressings for all phases of acute, critical, and chronic wounds. Dressings are needed for treatment of venous ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, burns, and post-operative wounds.


Manage exudate in and around the wound with gauze. Ideal for prepping, cleansing, debriding and packing, there are various forms of gauzes available to match the wound needs, including: abdominal/combine pads, border gauze, conforming gauze, fluff gauze, gauze bandages, impregnated gauze, non-adherent pads, packing strips, and sponges.


Skin care products to provide simple, soothing relief for vulnerable skin. Moisturizers can help prevent skin damage and protect skin affected by diabetes, incontinence, ostomy care, chronic wounds or fungal infections. Our cleansers, moisturizers, moisture barriers and antifungal creams were designed to help: simplify your skin care regimen; maintain and support skin integrity; provide comfort and convenience to clinicians, patients and families.

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