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Mom & Baby

At Remedy, we know that for expecting mothers a new journey is on the horizon. We are proud to offer an assortment of health care products to support moms and babies through the entire birth process.

From organic, toxic-free remedies to the latest in pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding, our extensive line of personal care products will ensure delicate transition, comfort and convenience for mothers and babies of all ages.


With a wide-ranging inventory of breastfeeding products, we can help moms to breastfeed better with the support of a good breast pump. Our products include a variety of Medela breast pumps, breastmilk storage and a number of accessories.

Compression Wear

It is important for expecting mothers to feel their best. Compression hosiery helps energize tired legs and reduce and prevent swelling. And, it is finally fashion-friendly! Our compression garments are available as leggings, knee-highs and socks that are designed to ensure coolness, comfort and style.

Maternity Supports

For women who are experiencing ongoing issues that cannot easily be fixed with other medical aids, a belly belt can provide immediate and wonderful ongoing relief while in use. Maternity belts are one of the best aids to ease the discomfort of pregnancy. They are helpful if you are still working and on your feet a lot during your pregnancy and relieve lower back pain, which is common in pregnancy due to the extra off balance weight.

Infant/Pediatric Thermometers

If your child feels warm or seems under the weather, it is probably time to take his or her temperature. Sounds simple enough, but getting an accurate from an infant or child can be challenging. Our quick read thermometers give accurate readings so you can give your child the care they need.


We have several other pregnancy aids and tools for after your baby arrives including pillows, morning sickness relief bands, and baby monitors.

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