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Lift Chairs

A Two Position Lift Chair offers limited reclining options with a backrest recline of about 45 degrees and elevating ottoman. Two Position chairs are best for those who do not need the full reclining options.

Two Position Lift Chairs
A Two Position Lift Chair offers limited reclining options with a backrest recline of about 45 degrees and elevating ottoman. Two Position chairs are best for those who do not the full reclining options.

Three Position Lift Chairs
Three Position chairs can be positioned in several recline angles between sitting and an almost flat position, however it does not offer a full sleep position. These chairs are ideal for those seeking more reclining options and comfort positions.

Infinite Position Lift Chairs
Infinite Position chairs offer a full range of positions, from an upright sitting position to a true sleeping position. These chairs offer dual motors to operate the backrest and footrest independently for maximum comfort.

Several additional options are available with many lift chairs including heat and massage, control location adjustments, additional storage pockets, etc.


Alleviate exhaustion while running errands and getting around town with a power scooter. Our scooters are designed to have excellent range of motion and attractive styling. With storage baskets attached to the scooter, you can keep your necessary items handy while on the go.

Walking Aids & Accessories

If you have trouble walking completely unassisted but are not in need of a wheelchair or scooter, there are a variety of walking aids available to suit you.

Canes and Walkers
To help with balance and steadiness, a cane or walker can greatly improve your freedom & mobility. Canes are generally used when there is pain or weakness on one side of the body that makes it hard to walk or balance. Canes come in several functionality levels:

  • Standard canes have non-skid rubber tips to provide basic stability
  • Quad canes with four feet allow for greater weight bearing and stability than single-point canes and can stand up on their own
Walkers help give support to unsteady walkers. They are height-adjustable and have easy push-button mechanisms to fold for storage or transport. The type of cane or walker that is best for you depends on several things including strength, balance, and fitness level.

Rolling Walkers (Rollators)
Designed similarly to standard walkers, rolling walkers also provide a padded seat for whenever you need a rest. Other features include an under seat pouch, hand brakes, and a flip up back.

Transport Chairs
Transport chairs are often used by a caregiver to aid in safe maneuvering. The narrow frame allows for easy navigation through doorways, making it ideal for inside the home. They fold down for convenient travel and storage. A combination rolling walker and transport chair is also available and converts from a walker to a transport chair and vice-versa in just seconds. Sit down and ride in a transport chair or stand up and walk along to get more exercise. Featuring height-adjustable push grips, strong carrying handles, lockable footrests, and folding functions for easy transportability.

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