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Bath Benches/Shower Chairs/Transfer Benches

Bath benches, shower chairs, and transfer benches are designed for individuals who have difficulty sitting in a standard tub or standing in the shower. Transfer benches make it easier for the user to get in and out of the tub or shower by sitting on the edge of the transfer bench and rotating themselves into the tub or shower.

Toilet Safety Rail/Raised Toilet Seat

Improve stability and allow for easier standing and sitting with a toilet safety rail or raised toilet seat. Toilet safety rails have adjustable handles to various heights, excellent gripping surfaces, and quickly secure to most toilets. Raised toilet seats raise the seat height up to 5″ and lock in to place, making using the toilet easier for those with trouble bending. Options include with or without arms.

Grab Bars/Tub Rails

Grab bars and tub rails can be placed throughout the bathroom and bathing areas for extra support. Tub rails can be installed on bathtubs without any tools. Grab bars are available in discreet designs and sleek finishes that can match your current bathroom décor.

No-Slip Mats

Prevent slipping and falling while in the bathtub or shower with non-slip bath mats. Non-slip mats come in different sizes to ensure adequate surface coverage.

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