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Aids To Daily Living

Aids for daily living provide safety and independence in performing daily activities. If you do not see a product you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. Our comprehensive catalog of items and allows us to find any product that fits your needs.


Safely retrieve items from a shelf, cabinet, table or floor with the use of a reacher. The grabber tool allows you to be more self-sufficient and reduces the risk of falling from a stepstool or ladder. Reachers come in various lengths. The handle squeezes for an easy grip and is ergonomically comfortable for anyone with small hands or a weak grip.

Sock/Button Aids

Sock and button aids help in dressing when loss of hand or finger dexterity and strength make the task more difficult. A sock aid keeps the sock open so you can slide your foot in without any tugging, pulling, or bending down. A button aid pulls buttons through shirt or pants holes for people with decreased finger dexterity.

Shoe Horns

Ease your heel into virtually any shoe.

Hip Kit

After having hip surgery, bending, twisting, and pivoting become more difficult and can affect the progress of recovery. Our hip kit contains all of the products necessary to have a smooth recovery including bath sponge, sock aid, reacher, and a shoehorn.

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