Torch Diamond EXTRAX Oleoresin 2.2ml Disposable Vape


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Torch Diamond EXTRAX Oleoresin 2.2ml Disposable Vape The Torch Diamond Extrax Series THCP + THC-B 2.2g disposable vape device is the latest generation in vaping swag. This unit is 2 times as large as the baby sized competition offered by other brands. This exciting vape device is the first in the world to offer both THC-P and THC-B, both new and exciting novel cannabinoids – ensured to swag you out and slam you soul into a euphoric slop known only to the chaos lords themselves – until now, that is. (Move over Xorlar! Torch has a new pen!) This large and in charge pen is sure to satisfy even the most battle hardened hemp-derived stoners and soccer moms alike. The pen contains THC-B and THC-P. THC-P specifically will get you swagged up in unspeakable ways. What is THC-P? What does THC-P feel like? Where does THC-P come from? No one else on the market cares like Remedy CBD – That’s why we looked into it. THC-P is 30x stronger than delta 8 THC. It gets so wedged into your mind holes that you feel like you are smoking cannabis grown in space by aliens. (You might just be…) It will feel like the waves crashing upon your soul, lapping at the sands of time itself, as you slowly fade away into prismatic bliss. -Nick


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