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Want to know an easy way to turn a regular batch of brownies into a fresh, delectable delight?

Try adding 7-8 drops of pure essential oil (available at Remedy!) such as orange or peppermint to your next batch of brownies. You’ll be a hit at your next gathering, guaranteed!

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🍋We’ve all gone out to a restaurant and been served a water with lemon. While we’d like to assume that everything we eat and drink during our dining experience is free of harmful bacteria, we might want to think again when it comes to lemons.

One study published by the Journal of Environmental Health showed that 70% of lemons swabbed in restaurants produced microbial growth. 70%!😱 That means that your friendly server may unknowingly be spiking your drink with harmful bacteria.

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When thinking about good nutrition, we certainly can’t leave out our furry friends!

When our sweet Jimmy cat (who was part of my husband’s proposal to me 15 years ago!) started having bladder issues as many cats do, we knew one thing we needed to do was increase his water intake. However, it wasn’t as simple as just putting out more water.

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