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Join for a 45 minute Pilates class at Remedy

Pilates Pies and Coffee at Remedy Health & Wellness Store.

When: October 24th 2017 @6PM

Get your body moving, and indulge a bit, what’s not to love about this upcoming event:
  • Sandi, your new favorite Pilates instructor
  • Delicious pies from Baked Pie Company
  • Rich coffee from The Beehive Coffee Bar
Check out a short clip with Sandi Weinberg from Pilates Performance Inc. about what to expect during Tuesday’s Pie-Lattes class.
No experience necessary.

Remedy Health and Wellness will be at Beer City Beatdown. Visit us for pain relief, athletic performance and general wellness products.

Exclusive for Beer City Beatdown Athletes…

If you’re like me, you usually fumble through a half-hearted warm-up before CrossFit. Lift your leg this way, swing your arms that way, grimace to pretend you’re really into your warm-up (even though you’re not) and hit the competition floor. Hard!

But that’s not a winning strategy. A good warm up can lead to better performance, fewer injuries, and improved recovery. So instead of doing a couple of lazy arm circles and jumping into the Beer City Beatdown WODs, follow along with Cornerstone Physical Therapy and get flexy, warm and ready to rock and roll.

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As a Doctor of Chiropractic, posture is certainly something that I pay quite a bit of attention to when it comes to my patients. With the increasing technology in our world today, coupled with more and more people finding themselves in careers in which they sit the majority of the day working on a computer, there is an increase in the number of folks out there with just plain old bad posture. And while bad posture makes a person look somewhat less appealing, there are some serious health effects that a person can experience from chronically bad posture.

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With children at home, moms find themselves in a constant struggle between providing for the family or taking care of themselves. Frequently, parents neglect their health. My wife, Katie, and I recently had our second baby, and we know all too well the challenges of balancing family and self-care. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to get started, and it doesn’t have to take more than a few minutes. Once you start, consistency is the name of the game.

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Before starting a long road trip with your aging mom or dad, here are 4 tips for traveling with the elderly that will make the trip just a little easier.

 4 trips for traveling with the elderly

Recently, fierce winds and destruction from Hurricane Irma sent Floridians packing for the Western North Carolina mountains. Now that the storm has passed, thousands of evacuees will take the long road home, braving long lines at the airport and stopped traffic on the highways. 

At Remedy Health & Wellness Store, we’ve received phone calls from Florida evacuees staying in and around Asheville, inquiring about medical equipment for their parents. We’ve especially received many requests for home medical equipment like wheelchairs, rollators and mobility scooters.

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