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We’ve all been there. We’re so excited to hit the gym hard, maybe because it’s a new year’s resolution, maybe we just need that rush of dopamine after facing life’s stresses. You’re feeling great, really elevated from getting your blood flowing. But then it hits you. You overdid it somehow, you tweaked an injury that you’ve always known you had, but hoped wouldn’t flare up again.

It’s a blow to your body, and it can discourage you from immediately continuing on your wellness journey. After all, maybe you’ve finally committed to improving your health with that New Year’s resolution…and now you feel sidelined from the start.

But there’s good news! You don’t have to be shut down by every nagging pain and chronic issue that exercise is causing you. We’ve put together a few products that can get you back to the active lifestyle that you’ve wanted.

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In just a few short weeks we will be ringing in the New Year. After a season of indulgent food and drink, many of us will be feeling the after effects of some of our not-so-great choices. You know what I’m talking about.  


Tight fitting clothes.  

Weight gain. 

Poor digestion. 

Fatigue and irritability. 

You might feel desperate to try anything to get you back to feeling better, but I strongly encourage you to NOT try any restrictive diets, cleanses or detoxes. They will provide nothing but a quick fix and most likely, you’ll end up gaining back whatever weight you lose.  

Instead, this year try making healthier decisions daily instead of eliminating everything at once. For example, pack your lunch 3 days per week instead of eating out 3 days per week or add in a piece of fruit at breakfast. Overtime, these changes will add up to something amazing.  

Lucky for you, 2019 will be filled with healthy food trends. Try some of these trends listed below and not only will they help you get healthier but they will also help with sustainable weight changes. 

Non-Dairy Milks