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It’s October! That means cauliflower is in peak season until late November. Thanks to new food trends like Paleo, Low Carb and gluten-free, cauliflower has taken the spotlight on the list of most sought out vegetables. Besides serving as a nutritional powerhouse, cauliflower is being used in all sorts of creative ways. Did you know cauliflower can be used as a pizza crust alternative and substituted for rice and potatoes? Cauliflower doesn’t have to be that bland, mushy part of your plate that you turn your nose up at.

After reading this article you’ll be a pro at finding and storing the most fresh cauliflower, and you’ll have some fun recipes to try at home! 

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One of my favorite childhood memories has to be sitting at the table with my family and enjoying a delicious dinner. The smell of home-cooked meals always made my mouth water and my stomach roar. It was the only time of the day where our busy schedules aligned and we could give our focus to each other. There were no distractions, just the quiet murmur of our talk and laughter. Aside from just eating, it was a time for building relationships, enjoying each other’s company and getting things off our chests.

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Kyla Gavlin discusses vegan diet tips for athletes. Kyla is a Registered Dietitian in Asheville, NC with Remedy Health and Wellness

It seems we are hearing more about the benefits of plant-based diets for their improvements in heart health to memory and even prevention & treatment of Type-2 diabetes.  However, a growing number of athletes across different sports (Venus Williams, Nate Diaz, and Rich Roll for example) are also incorporating a plant-based diet into their lifestyle.  

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What if I told you that you don’t have to adhere 100% to meet your health goals? That’s right, you can still eat what you want and lose weight.

Saaaay whaaat?? Let’s be honest, food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s a way we share experiences, celebrations, tragedies, and even express our love. On the flip side, poor food choices can lead to chronic disease and overall dissatisfaction with life.

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Are you tired of yo-yo dieting?

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