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Guest blog courtesy of Sue Ann at Asheville Wellness Tours

At Asheville Wellness Tours, we seek to foster the development of intentional, daily
practices that focus on positive health and well being. For us, health is more than the
prevention of disease. How you can thrive and live your life more fully? We believe
everyone’s wellness journey should be individualized and specific to meet the
fluctuating demands of life. To help you navigate all of Asheville’s wellness offerings,
here are our Top 5 Asheville Wellness Experiences!

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Did you know that air fryers are currently the top Google search in cooking? Air fryers have exploded in the marketplace serving as an easier, quicker and healthier alternative to deep frying.

You probably have a few questions:

  • How do air fryers work?
  • How do you use one?
  • Why is it healthier than deep frying?
  • What can I make?
  • Where do I buy one?

This article will help you decide if an air fryer will up your cooking game and connect you to some great recipes! 

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Remedy Health and Wellness in Arden, NC discusses many topics, like how to manage holiday stress

Article by Karen Hardie, Certified Herbalist, Health and Wellness Coach

Does the term Holiday Season fill you with joy?  Or maybe dread?  Perhaps a combination of both?  Stress fills our daily lives.  Add on all the Holiday extras like extra busy days and nights, extra spending, for some extra sadness and for most there are temptations around every kitchen corner.  No wonder the Holiday Season can often leave us feeling depressed and depleted. How would you like to have some extra tools to get through it all this year? 

There are some simple steps you can take to help you manage the stress of the Holidays, or any day, a little more effectively.

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Laura Scott's article for Remedy Health and Wellness about physical therapy for women after having a baby. Pelvic health

Article by Laura Scott, PT, DPT

Welcome, October! The colorful season of sweaters, cute scarves, fun costumes, and the ever-controversial pumpkin spice. It’s also Physical Therapy Month! Thanks to Remedy for the opportunity to highlight a little-known but essential service of physical therapy: care of the new mother.

Wait, there’s physical therapy for that?!

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Did you know there are more bacteria than there are cells in your body? That’s like saying the population of the U.S. is the number of  cells in your body and half the world population is the number of bacteria in your body! Most of the bacteria in your body is in your gut (large intestine) but some live in other parts. Bacteria can have numerous health benefits as long as they stay in their specific body locations. Science has shown that gut-health is connected to overall health and well-being. There are good types of bacteria and bad types; the key is to attract the right types. Today we’ll learn how bacteria works in harmony with our bodies, what happens when there are too many bad bacteria in our bodies and how to get the best types of bacteria from certain kinds of foods.

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