Obsession with RxBars!

There is A LOT of talk spinning around one of our current product offerings. RxBar is swiftly moving through the media buzz. Why? Well, here's our thoughts on this yummy and healthy product.


This bar is TRANSPARENT! No, we don't mean clear, invisible or anything like that. However, we do mean this bar is CLEAR and HONEST about its ingredients.

The RxBar Company makes protein bars that contain 3 main ingredients- eggs, dates, and nuts. They keep their bars simple, so these core ingredients are EVERYTHING in their product. Each core ingredient has a purpose, egg whites are for protein, dates bind and nuts are for texture. Together these three staple ingredients, make up "a good, clean food product." "No free rides. No fillers. No B.S."


RxBar truly only "makes room for the good stuff." Since RxBar is SELECTIVE with its components, there are also a lot of ingredients RxBar purposefully DOES NOT INCLUDE. INGREDIENTS LIKE:

- Added Sugar

- Dairy

- Soy

- Gluten

- Artifical colors and flavors


We could go on and on about this great company and product but we'll leave you at this. RxBar not only cares about whats inside their products but whose inside their company as a whole. RxBar values people, integrity, humility, passion, communication and the pursuit of excellence. EVERYTHING that we, at Remedy value as well.

At Remedy, we do our best to provide you products that will promote your healthy lifestyle and promote the community around us. WE CARE ABOUT OUR CUSTOMERS. WE CARE ABOUT OUR COMMUNITY. WE CARE ABOUT OUR WORLD. How could we not get behind a company that not only produces a great product, but aligns with so many of our morals?

Don't Believe Us? Trust your Community.

Hiliary Parham, a local community member (pictured below), is obsessed with RxBar TOO.

"I love RxBars because a lot of times with work & the gym & coaching I’m on the go & need a balanced snack that’s clean but helps me get my protein grams in with not a lot of added sugar. On top of it- it’s almost like dessert! I love the kid's bars too for a pick me up. Especially, the mixed berry. It’s like an adult fruit roll up! Or around the holidays when I was craving pumpkin pie the pumpkin bar was the perfect treat for me. And you can never go wrong with blueberry at any time."

Resources used: https://www.rxbar.com/whats-inside/our-products

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