Jason's Health Tip: Improve Your Relationship with Food

Have You Tried the HOTTEST DIET of 2018?

You know, the one every celebrity is touting, with commercials every 5 minutes. The one that's perfect for EVERYBODY, especially if you bring a friend. It's the diet that promises to help you lose X pounds in Y days, and results are guaranteed or your money back! OMG! And you can do this all without having to exercise! You'll come out the other side looking like a chiseled warrior (completely lathered in oil, by the way, can't forget being doused in coconut oil) with a newfound superpower to scrub laundry on your abs and make all of your friends jealous!

Sounds Great, Doesn't It?

Well, not to burst your fantasy, but maybe that's not the best diet for you. It might not even be good for you.
Maybe you should remove the thought of DIETING altogether. Unless you have a medical condition or are training for a competition, diets can only promise that you'll lose weight quickly. They do not make the promise of creating good habits, which is what will keep the weight off. Oh, and once you're done with the diet, studies show you're likely to rebound back to your old scale digits, only this time with the added bloat of shame, frustration, and feelings of failure.

Improve Your Relationship with Food.

Instead, consider improving your relationship with food, understanding trigger foods, the basics of what to eat, best strategies for eating out and how to enjoy your favorite foods in moderation. By creating good habits, and thinking for the long-term, you're more likely to succeed, keep the weight off and feel better about yourself.

Where should you start?

Did you know that Remedy has a registered dietitian on staff? Her name is Kyla and we love having her a part of the Remedy team. For nutrition planning or other nutrition tips from Kyla, shop Remedy today! Don't forget that we love to host wellness classes or partner with the community to participate in events catered toward caregivers, fitness enthusiasts, wellness-driven and nutrition-focused individuals. We encourage you to stay tuned to our Facebook for upcoming events!

Meet Kyla HERE!

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