How to eat before a CrossFit competition - with Paul Buono

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Before your next CrossFit competition, what should you eat for optimal performance? Should you be eating pizza and wings, tofu and Himalayan blue grass, conservative Paleo meals or fast for a week straight? With so much information on the interwebz, it gets a little (or a lot) confusing.

In this video, Paul Buono (2015 CrossFit Games Team Affiliate, second place) breaks it down into easy actionable steps. You'll know exactly what to eat for a one-day or two-day competition.

We cover:

  • What should I eat before the competition
  • How many calories to eat the week of the competition
  • Breakdown of protein, carbs and fat in order to perform your best
  • How to avoid food bombs on competition day
  • What to eat for a one-day or a two-day event

Check out the interview below:

About Paul Buono:

Paul Buono interviewed by Remedy Health & Wellness. How to eat before a CrossFit competition. I have always known that my sole purpose in life is to help guide others. Training for the CrossFit Games was just the outlet I needed to teach me the valuable life lessons I’ve learned in order to share with others. The path I have chosen to help contribute is through nutrition, training, and wellness. Fueling myself properly with the right quality and quantity of foods has allowed me to reach some of the goals that others told me were impossible. It is now my passion to give others the same gifts that I have learned on my journey. I am here to help inspire, motivate and give the gift of confidence to whoever is willing to work for it. Through training and nutrition, I have found a better lifestyle and person beneath my top layer.

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