How a Life Coach Can Help Your Stressed Out Life

Have you ever felt unsure about the choices you’ve made in your personal or business life? Are you working hard in your career without any sense of passion for your work? Do you feel disconnected and unfulfilled with your life? Do you feel that you have you lost sight of who you are? You don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Consider a life coach.

Nancy Cava found herself in a similar situation. Born in Indiana, she had big dreams to get out of the midwest and move to New York City. After college graduation from Indiana University (B.A. Psychology), she made her lifelong dream come true and moved to Staten Island. Several years later, she found herself unfulfilled in her commercial real estate career burnt out from the NYC hustle. She had recently ended a long-term relationship and was searching for happiness. Meanwhile, she was compromising the most important aspect of her life: her relationship with herself.

In 2015, Nancy heard about life coaching certification through the Institute for Professional Excellence ( iPEC) and was instantly interested. Throughout Nancy’s whole life, she was always considered the person to go to if you wanted to be listened to. While working on her Life Coaching Certification, she discovered a passion: a passion for helping others. Nancy moved to Asheville in September of 2016 and has been busy building her life coaching practice.

What exactly is a life coach?

A life coach will guide you to your future self and forward all actions towards your future and remove any blocks that might stand in the way. A life coach can benefit anyone but especially those who feel “stuck”, stressed, and don’t know how to move forward toward their goals. You would still be doing the work, but a life coach can help keep you on track, hold you accountable and removing some of the stress when not sure if you’re doing the right thing.

What makes Nancy Cava different?

Nancy’s main focus is intimacy and the self-intimate relationship. Many people feel disconnected from who they are and feel like they have lost themselves. Nancy works with her clients to revisit and figure out who are they truly are so that their true self is presented to the world. Nancy also offers Reiki healing to all of her clients.

Stressed? Consider a life coach!

Stress can overpower and influence our decisions especially when those decisions pertain to our future goals. A life coach can help release some of that stress and help guide you in your decision-making process. A life coach will listen to you, validate your dreams, and keep you accountable. Essentially, a life coach can help you from feeling overwhelmed and stressed by laying out an action plan towards the end goal.

Interested in working with Nancy?

Nancy offers a complimentary 1-hour session for any interested client both local and out of state. Contact her at or on social at

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