Better Think Twice About That Lemon in Your Water!

????We've all gone out to a restaurant and been served a water with lemon. While we'd like to assume that everything we eat and drink during our dining experience is free of harmful bacteria, we might want to think again when it comes to lemons.

One study published by the Journal of Environmental Health showed that 70% of lemons swabbed in restaurants produced microbial growth. 70%!???? That means that your friendly server may unknowingly be spiking your drink with harmful bacteria.

Are you cringing reading this because you absolutely must have lemon in your water? Not to fear! A great alternative is adding a couple drops of lemon essential oil (available at Remedy) instead!

Stop in to check out our newest product edition - Young Living Essential Oils - and ask Lindsay, Kyla or Jason for advice on what oils will work best for you!

*Always make sure that when ingesting essential oil you choose pure and not synthetic*

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